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A brief history of embroidery
Embroidery is a method of decorating other materials with a needle and thread or yarn. Contemporary embroidery tends to be seen mostly on hats, shirts, polos, golf shirts, denim, and blankets. The earliest techniques (cross stitch, blanket stitch, and chain stitch) are still the most commonly used forms of hand embroidery. Mass embroidery is most often done by machines.

Some of the earliest artistic examples of embroidery (versus simply repairs of fabric) date to the fifth to third century BC in China and somewhere between 300 and 700 AD in Europe (specifically Sweden). Mass production of embroidery came with the Industrial revolution and used machine looms and teams of people embroidering by hand. This began in France in the 1850s and flourished in the late 1800s in St. Gallen Switzerland.

Modern embroidery (like that done at Suncoast Embroidery and Tees) utilizes computers and embroidery software to create precise embroidered art for a wide range of uses.

11th Century Embroidered Tapestry

19th Century Wedding Dress

Embroidered Company Polo
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