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Screen Printing (also known as silk-screen, screen, serigraphy, and serigraph printing) first appeared in China during the Song dynasty somewhere between 960 and 1279 AD. It eventually spread to Western Europe in the 1700s, but did not grow in popularity until the silk (hence the often used term silkscreen) required from the east became more available.

The next large development was in the 1910s when printers began experimenting with photo-reactive chemicals. Artists coined the term Serigraphy in the 1930s and then in the 1960s artists like Andy Warhol further popularized the method as an artistic technique.

Full color prints can be created by printing in CMYK. A stencil is formed by blocking off parts of the screen in the negative image of the design to be printed; that is, the open spaces are where the ink will appear on the substrate. There are three common types of screen printing presses: flat-bed, cylinder, and rotary.

How Screen printing works
How Screen printing works
We would love to assist you in making your own custom artwork come to life through screen printing. Select one of the categories below to begin searching for the right article of clothing for your design or contact us directly at 941-378-3111 or use our Contact Form. While we are based in Sarasota and hand deliver to the surrounding area (Bradenton, Venice, south to Ft. Myers and north to Tampa) we are always happy to speak through email, over the phone, and deliver via FedEx or UPS globally.

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